On the ending earth...

I used to ponder why more people aren't more alarmed at the fate that is currently enveloping humanity. Most people don't realize that Wildlife populations on earth have already declined by 58 percent between 1970 and 2012. Unexplained mass animal die-off's now occur daily, often several, and in every region of the planet. The biological systems on our planet are in total collapse. Far more than half of the creatures that roamed the planet have died off in my brief lifetime. Add to this the unending conflict in the geo political arena. In fact, all the major systems on which we rely are in full, advanced collapse. This is why the new ANYONE record will be entitled, "ON THE ENDING EARTH".

SESSIONS - Lost on the way

Sessions for the new ANYONE album are in full swing now. Drum sessions consist of 15 minute improvisations which are later edited down. The songs are being structured around these free-form drum improvs and it takes the music in an entirely different direction than composing a song and then adding a rhythm section to it. The results are a lot more progressive, more free-form... more maximum. This album is more about unmitigated expression and not about radio singles. ANYONE have made some catchy numbers in the past - Songs like "Real", "Whole Worlds Insane", "Yesterdays Gone" and "Fly Away" have showcased the songish side of the band. Then there were the songs that projected where it


If there is a philosophy for the new album in progress, it is summed up in one word, MAXIMUM. I'd been thinking about what a new ANYONE record might sound like for a while now. The early stuff was heavy and raw. I liked that. The new ECHOES AND TRACES album covers much musical territory. I like that. As the music started to flow I realized that it was extremely heavy. But is was also extremely mellow and dreamy at times. A wide DYNAMIC range, from a whisper to a scream. I want to test the limits of dynamics now. The new music is PROGRESSIVE. I have lost all interest in making the band commercially viable. This album will be an exploration into new musical territory and it will not b

The strange new band

ANYONE didn't fit into the prevailing music scene in Orange County California, 1998. Everything about us was unusual, from our sound to our presentation. No one knew what to make of us at first and we played to empty houses and bars in Newport Beach where Mick and Dom rescued me from homelessness and let me crash on the couch. When we finally got evicted from the Newport Beach house for not paying rent we decided to move to Huntington Beach were the music scene was thriving. I landed a job at the hippest vintage clothing store in Downtown HB and right away I became the manager. Everybody in the scene came in and it wasn't long before I knew everyone. I decorated the place and ANYONE was blas

LIVE ACID and talking to whales

ANYONE were noted for their live performances… one of which was caught on the first recording the band issued, "LIVE ACID". What most fans don't know is that LIVE ACID was recorded at an underground warehouse acid party thrown by the band. Although a film crew was hired, none of the footage was usable due to the extremely moody (dark) lighting and the cameraman apparently having a bad acid trip. I had gotten the band to agree to play under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs. This was part of the quest to "get out of the way of the music" as I told the band. By the time the show started, I was convinced that I could speak "dolphin and whale" fluently through my guitar. I told Nipples and S

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