NEW SINGLE - Chasing Dragons to the Sea

A new song has been released today entitled 'Chasing Dragons to the Sea'. This is an older song I wrote and sang back in the mid 90's during a time when I was still a wondering homeless poet on the Newport Beach Peninsula. Sometimes I'd crash at my girlfriends house or at a friends house, but most nights I slept under the pier where I'd write songs and poems. This song was written there on a grey misty dusk, a bottle of vodka and a couple of joints to keep me settled as the night arrived. ANYONE recorded the song when we recorded the lost album 'Sip The Pleasure of Days' at Jame's Trace's studio, but of course that album never was released and instead we signed to RoadRunner and recorded t

YES SINGER JON DAVISON guest musician on new ANYONE album

The lead singer of Rock n' Roll Hall of famers, YES makes an appearance on the new ANYONE album. The once member of ANYONE plays the fretless bass on 'Thought I Was'. Davison was a founding member of the band back in the mid 90's along with Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters). The three friends began playing together after a chance encounter between Taylor Hawkins and Riz Story. Taylor had known Davison since kindergarten and soon the trio began shaping the sound that would become known as MAXIMUM ACID. Davison rejoined the band in the mid 2000's for a brief stint. It was during this time that he recorded his fretless bass tracks for 'Thought I Was'. The YES singer has recently collaborated wi


Riz Story's 2nd feature film is being released today. Below is an official press blurb. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AUG 25TH, 2020 From the Director of the music driven indie film triumph, 'A Winter Rose' that spawned 6 Top Ten Songs (BILLBOARD Hot Singles), comes a film unlike any you've seen before. Riz Story's THE GREAT DECEIVER is the supernatural thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat. "Fans of David Lynch and cinema with a cutting edge will be delighted." INTERNATIONAL MOVIE REVIEW AVAILABLE NOW DVD - Digital - Cable - Satellite

NEW SONG - Only Imagine

ONLY IMAGINE - Streaming Now on SPOTIFY There are many ANYONE songs that have never been released for one reason or another. Some date back to the early days when Taylor Hawkins and Jon Davison were in the band, and others are new or recent. This song dates back to 2000 when the band had just been signed to RoadRunner Records. ANYONE went into the recording studio to demo songs in hopes of arriving at a final set of songs to appear on the debut album. RoadRunner focused largely on the heavier music that the band were creating and veered away from the prominent ethereal sound that the band had developed. This side of the band was not represented as well as the band would have liked and se


The new ANYONE album, 'On the ending earth...' is available now. ANYONE's third full-length studio album is available on CD, streaming and download on over 200 digital platforms including itunes, Spotify and Amazon. CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW ON APPLE MUSIC


The third full-length studio album by ANYONE will be available on August 21st, 2020. The album, ON THE ENDING EARTH..., will be available on CD as well as over 200 Digital Download and streaming platforms, including Spotify, iTunes and Amazon. The album marks a more progressive turn for ANYONE with the inclusion of electronica and synthesizers augmenting our guitar driven sound. I wanted to explore longer songs and more progressive arrangements with darker moods and complex structures. Lyrically the theme of the album explores our world in collapse. It is a lament of sorts, now that there is a reasonable chance that humanity may be facing extinction in the not too distant future. I've incl


Production on the ANYONE feature documentary has been delayed due to the worldwide pandemic. The film was initially scheduled for a 2019 release but was delayed by time demands placed on Riz Story by the production of his 2nd feature film, "The Great Deceiver". No new release date has been announced. 'The Great Deceiver' will be release on August 25TH by TogethermenT Films in association with The Orchard and Random Media. The supernatural thriller features an original score written, arranged, produced and performed by Riz Story including a cover of 'My Death', a song made famous by David Bowie and written by Jacques Brel.

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