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On November 26th, 2016 the ANYONE song 'Fly Away' hit the #1 position on the DRT NATIONAL AIRPLAY TOP 50 ROCK CHART, making it the most listened to song on digital radio in the US.  The song originally appeared on the album 'Echoes and Traces' and was featured in Riz Story's feature film 'A WINTER ROSE'.   Written, arranged, produced, mixed and mastered by Riz Story, the single features Miles Martin on Bass and Lincoln Nesto on drums.  'Fly Away' also hit the #6 position on the BILLBOARD Hot Singles Chart.

Notably, the songs popularity was 100% viral, as the song did not benefit from the large promotional dollars spent on the other major label acts that topped the national chart.


Fly Away
Fly Away - #6 Billboard Hot Singles
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