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The third full-length studio album by ANYONE will be available on August 21st, 2020.

The album, ON THE ENDING EARTH..., will be available on CD as well as over 200 Digital Download and streaming platforms, including Spotify, iTunes and Amazon.

The album marks a more progressive turn for ANYONE with the inclusion of electronica and synthesizers augmenting our guitar driven sound. I wanted to explore longer songs and more progressive arrangements with darker moods and complex structures.

Lyrically the theme of the album explores our world in collapse. It is a lament of sorts, now that there is a reasonable chance that humanity may be facing extinction in the not too distant future.

I've included some older songs that have appeared before. 'Thought I Was' appeared on the EP sampler 'A Little Sip' and appears here with an updated mix. The song features YES lead singer Jon Davison on fretless bass. Jon was a founding member of the band back in Laguna Beach, our hometown.

I also included 'Mother Superior' which i co-wrote with Brian Carhart way back in the late 90's. A demo version of the song appeared on a Metal Hammer Sampler in 2001, and to this day I'm not sure how they got their hands on it. This version is brand new and is the definitive version of the song.

'Sip The Pleasure of Days', 'Lament' and 'Sip' date back to the mid 90's when these songs were part of a larger concept record entitled 'Sip The Pleasure of Days', that was fully recorded but never released. These are brand new recordings.

Most of the material is brand new and has never been heard before.

I hope that you will enjoy listening to this music as much as I have enjoyed creating it. As always, I hope that you will smoke a big bowl, relax, turn it up loud and enjoy the ride.

Until we meet again,

Riz Story~

Aug, 12th. 2020

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