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THE PALE BLUE DOT - World Premiere Video

The first music video from the IN HUMANITY album is out now. The clip features Riz Story performing the highly progressive track 'THE PALE BLUE DOT', covering all of the instrumentation, as he does on the entire double concept album.

The track is amongst the most complex and groundbreaking pieces on the highly progressive album and has been garnering attention from some of the music industry’s most iconic virtuosos. After hearing the song, 14-time Grammy winner and legendary jazz pianist HERBIE HANCOCK said, '“Avant Garde, very complex. I’ve never heard anybody else do that – play all those instruments on that level.”

The song is notable in that Riz Story introduces the world to his musical innovation which he calls FRACTIONAL TIME SIGNATURES. The compositional technique invented by Story involves adding notes of smaller values (16th notes, 32nd notes) to the ending of standard measures causing the distinctive twitching feel heard on 'The Pale Blue Dot'. Herbie Hancock, who holds no less than 6 honorary doctorates in music (Juilliard, Berkley etc.) commented that he'd never heard this method before.

The video was filmed in Riz Story's home recording studio in Hollywood, California and was directed by Story.


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