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On the ending earth...

'On the ending earth...' is the third full length studio album by ANYONE.  The album marks a major expansion in the band's sound.  Building upon the guitar driven psychedelia of the critically acclaimed debut album and the song driven approach of 2016's 'Echoes and Traces', this new offering is defined by its progressive expressionism.  Longer songs that feature experimentations in electronica and greater musical complexity support the brooding lyrical themes that focus on a world in collapse.  'On the ending earth...' was created by Riz Story who wrote, arranged, produced and performed all the instrumentation as well as mixing and mastering.

"Anyone is a kaleidoscope of enthusiasm and fascination."

"The Mastermind (Riz Story) Plays all the Instruments.  A life-affirming listen ."

Dmitry M. Epstein

"This one gets a total THUMBS UP! Top pick!"

"very much the Riz Story show, and it’s a good one."


"fascinating sounds...  as improbable as they are magnetic."

"An intriguing set of musical ideals that deserve further investigation ."

Sea of Tranquility

"Eclectic, versatile and progressive."


"Dramatic and evocative."

Music Street Journal

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