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"So I've been trying to hunt down this c.d for years (about 15).  My all time favourite band next to The Misfits, but totally different and unique, ANYONE and one of the best live albums ever made. From what I gather, only around 1000 copies.  I saw a copy on Amazon a while back for £80 and there are a couple for sale now for £250+ But I snagged this for £8 on ebay and it finally arrived today 💙"


- Thom Draven (UK) - ANYONE Fan -

"Live Acid" is an album by ANYONE band, featuring Riz Story


"ANYONE self-released the critically acclaimed "Live Acid" in 1999. One thousand copies were literally devoured by the Orange County scene in less than a month. The LP featured 11 cuts all recorded live at the now legendary "TOGETHERMENT" party. A large warehouse was secured and ornately decorated by the band, while a film crew was on hand to capture the performance. The controversial documentary that resulted shocked the alternative underground. The early buzz on the film, "TOGETHERMENT" had the media tagging ANYONE as the most unique band on the exploding Orange County (California) music scene."

Excerpted from an original feature in
Riz Story is the founder of ANYONE band.
"Live Acid" is an album by ANYONE band, featuring Riz Story
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