ANYONE seemed destined for massive status when they burst onto the worldwide scene in 2001 with the release of their major label debut.  The band began with a chance meeting in Laguna Beach, California between drummer Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters) and Riz Story,  Hawkins introduced Story to his lifelong friend Jon Davison (YES) who, at the time, was a bassist.  Hawkins persuaded Story to form a bonafide rock band as opposed to the avant garde direction that Story had been working in.  The resulting band was forged from influences like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jane's Addiction, Rush along with the more obscure and experimental music that Story and Davison had been exploring together.  


Now, for the first time, TogethermenT Films brings to the screen the full true story of the band called ANYONE.  You'll follow the entire story from Riz Story's days as a homeless poet to their meteoric rise and legendary performances at the European festivals and the unanimous acclaim bestowed upon them by music critics and fans alike before they were banned from American radio and dropped by their label.  You'll hear the music that would come to be described as 'Maximum Acid' and see rare footage of the early performances that dazzled audiences who were later mystified by their sudden disappearance.

The ANYONE story is a colorful journey into the world of a band that wanted to change the world through the power of music but instead were struck down by corporate and political forces beyond their control.