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20th Anniversary

Deluxe Remastered Edition

LIVE ACID - Deluxe Edition - Cover Maste


20 years later

Everything you've heard is true...

LIVE ACID marked a critical turning point for ANYONE.  The band had amassed a good deal of material, much of it originating from the early years of the band when members included Taylor Hawkins, Jon Davison and Sean Murphy.  The band had drawn label interest and their live shows had turned into major events, drawing large crowds and establishing the band as a central force in the thriving Orange County music scene. They took top honors at the Los Angeles Music Awards for BEST BAND.  But Riz Story knew he needed something to push it over the edge and land a major record deal.

The year was 1999 and Story had an idea - Make a concert film and album to highlight the bands inferno live shows.  What started as a standard concert film quickly expanded into the psychedelic visual film entitled 'TogethermenT'.  The film was part concert film, part art film, and part documentary.  Riz interviewed the most influential people from OC; people like Korn, System of a Down, Foo Fighters, Dennis Rodman, Christian Fletcher - A colorful mix of musicians, athletes, porn stars, artists and scenesters from the streets of Huntington Beach.
The band threw a private warehouse party, transforming the cavernous industrial space into a highly ornate setting resembling the inside of a genies bottle.  Producer James Trace was called in to erect a portable studio and record the concert to multi-track.  The entire OC scene turned out to watch ANYONE perform and the band provided the psychedelic party favors.  The group itself were peaking on several hits of acid during their set, a fact which Riz Story blames for the 'sloppy but expressive' performance.  In an interview with MTV in 2003 story commented on the album saying, 'I can't really listen to it to be honest, it's just so raw... maybe a little too raw.'

Never-the-less, the album and film worked just as Story had planned and the band signed to RoadRunner Records within months of the albums release. 

The resulting live album, LIVE ACID captures ANYONE in all of their chaotic fury.  Nothing has been cleaned up, corrected or polished.  Care has been taken to preserve the authenticity of the performance and the primal abandon of an early ANYONE concert.   
The Deluxe 20th Anniversary Edition has been fully REMASTERED in pristine 24bit/192kHz state of the art digital to sound considerably better than the original release.  


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