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"Riz Story is a musical genius!"

Steve Gould - The Lost Art Radio Show

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"Riz Story is a musical genius!"

Steve Gould - The Lost Art Radio Show

"Riz Story is a genius because as a guitarist, drummer, bassist, singer, composer, sound engineer and keyboard player he manages everything single-handedly that previously required entire bands."

Babyblaue Seiten - Siggy Zielinski

"Sublime Music! Riz Story is accustomed to having his work receive accolades such as ‘a masterpiece’  and this album is guaranteed to receive the same level of recognition."

Howard King - At The Barrier

"The next highlight in ANYONE's history... will now be considered the new benchmark."

Michael Haifl - Saitin Kult

"The sixth album by 'the one and only' exceptional musician, described by many as a musical genius... The fact that this music is a one-man project is simply unbelievable."

Thoralf Koß - Musik Reviews

"Visionary prog maverick Riz Story plays every instrument. Bristling with ambition, it feels less like an album than an experiential adventure that seeks to redefine modern prog."

PROG Magazine

"Massive, excessive, epic - Another masterpiece!

Riz Story is an excellent songwriter who has composed another colossus.

A huge work of art."

Björn Backes -  Power

5 out of 5 Stars!

"Story's stunning mastery of all the instruments is on display.

A major work of immense scope, with ambition balanced by daunting potency"

Dmitry M. Epstein - Let It Rock

"Riz Story is a virtuoso. Grandiloquent - Hypnotic - Beautiful - Olympian - Masterpiece.

A new rock genre"

Alain Massard - Profil Prog

"Overflowing with innovative ideas that seem to envision the future of progressive rock, this ambitious work is a masterpiece."

Disk Union

“Performed at the highest technical level.. And the most remarkable thing: this is a solo album. Everything was recorded entirely solo! it's all just Riz Story! and the overall result is very impressive!”

Betreutes proggen

"Riz Story plays everything, and he plays it well on this ambitious collection. A wide range of kaleidoscopic colors"

George W. Harris - Jazz Weekly

"'Miracles in the Nothingness' for the masterpiece.."

Progressive Rock Archives

“pure moments of grace… passages of sheer brilliance and moments of pure grandiose prog that justify buying the album.”

Radio Erdorin

"Impassioned - Reaching - Empowered - Soaringly Ethereal - Transcending"

Anne Carlini

"Riz Story is definitely making the prog rock world turn its head towards ANYONE."

DPRP - Ignacio Bernaola

"It's immense! Profoundly beautiful, emotional, incredible. This guy is brilliant."

Highland Magazine - Issue #120

"Beautifully composed and excellently produced. Riz Story's mastery of all kinds

of instruments is rock solid"

Joe Driessen - ProgWereld

"Music that will receive great acclaim."



TogethermenT Records is proud to announce the release of the Sixth studio album by the critically acclaimed prog rock band ANYONE. The album is titled “Miracles In The Nothingness” and will be released November 30th, 2023. The album will be available in download, streaming and CD on over 200 digital distributors including iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.


This new DOUBLE CONCEPT album continues the highly progressive direction set forth on the critically acclaimed 2021 release “In Humanity” with founder Riz Story performing all instrumentation and vocals in an unprecedented display of virtuosity, as well as producing, mixing and mastering - Featuring a guest lead vocal appearance by YES vocalist (and founding ANYONE member) Jon Davison on the song “Symptom Of The Miracle".


” BILLBOARD MAGAZINE said, “ANYONE has invented a new breed of rock, quite literally.

HERBIE HANCOCK said, “I’ve never heard anybody else do that – play all those instruments on that level.”

Says Riz, “This album is a meditation on the miracle of existing. It is a contemplation of the surreal reality that we find ourselves in as we float through a borderless expanse, on a dust grain which has somehow come to life. Like the prior two albums the setting is a world in full collapse. And so, it is a bittersweet mixture of joy and bliss at the gift of existing, intermixed with the tragedy of watching humanity destroy the planet and everything on it. This music is uncompromising and I’ve endeavored to push the limits of my creativity and instrumental capabilities with no considerations regarding its commerciality or accessibility – It is not meant for the casual listener, but rather those listeners who seek truly progressive music.”






1. Dawning Of The Miracle (2:08)

2. Children Of The Void (6:25)

3. My Name Is Forever (9:10)

4. Some Delectable Species (7:54)

5. Transcending (14:25)

6. Extinction Event (8:41)

7. Someone (6:06)


8. Daylight (9:09)

9. Symptom Of The Miracle (12:55)

10. Evolutions (5:24)

11. Anthropocene (7:08)

12. If The World Is Running Down (5:49)

13. Miracles In The Nothingness (19:43)

14. The Ineffable Bliss of Being (5:38)



Written, Arranged, Produced and Performed by Riz Story

Mixed and Mastered by Riz Story


Guest Appearance by Jon Davison

Lead Vocals on ‘Symptom Of The Miracle’


Cover Art by Andrea Garcia


Photography by Tyler Shields


Recorded at TogethermenT Studios - Hollywood, California

© 2023 TogethermenT Records

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