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In Humanity - CD Review

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The band ANYONE, which at one time featured Jon Davison of YES on bass guitar, has now shrunk to a one-man project with mastermind Riz Story now handling all duties (including producing, mixing and mastering).  IN HUMANITY is a Magnum Opus – a 2 CD concept album and soundtrack for the subsequent film and novel about the collapse of the world as we know it.  The apocalyptic CD cover artwork features the US capital in ruins.


The music is heavy prog with some metal influences.  The opener ‘Elations’ has an almost chanting quality to it.  Story’s voice has an 80’s gothic flavor to it bringing to mind HIM, and can be a bit tiresome.


‘Apocalypse’ starts with acoustic guitar and is more atmospheric, with a sound that brings to mind PINK FLOYD.  The guitar always delivers virtuoso somersaults, with frequent heavy guitar salvos. 


Disc 2 starts in radio drama character, featuring a spoken word intro.  ‘On the ending earth…’ is an extremely beautiful ballad.  The title track returns to an intense prog metal sound with the cinematic ‘Curtain Call’ bringing down the final curtain.

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