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LIVE ACID and talking to whales

ANYONE were noted for their early live performances… one of which was caught on the first recording the band issued, "LIVE ACID". What most fans don't know is that LIVE ACID was recorded at an underground warehouse 'acid party' thrown by the band. Although a film crew was hired, none of the footage was usable due to the extremely moody (dark) lighting and the cameraman apparently having a bad acid trip and underexposing the footage.

In an interview with ELECTRIC INK MAGAZINE Riz Story reflected "Live Acid":

"I had gotten the band to agree to play under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs. This was part of the quest to "get out of the way of the music" as I told the band. By the time the show started, I was convinced that I could speak "dolphin and whale" fluently through my guitar. I told Nipples and Static that I would prove it to them during the improvised jam portion of the set, which was standard at the time. I huddled the band together backstage and told them to sound like waves, rumbling waves, and that I would use my guitar to speak "whale" over their "waves". Their drugs had also kicked in and they were anxious to provide ocean sounds for my historical moment speaking "whale" - We were all excited that our breakthrough moment would be caught on album. Lol.

The resulting recording is a little painful for me to listen to. So many out-of-tune moments, sloppy playing, etc. But even I can admit that it caught something real. Something heartfelt.

A couple of months later, KORN, who at the time were riding a string of multi-platinum successes, somehow got their hands on the CD and offered us a huge record deal. Before we knew it there were several deals on the table. I guess it didn't sound too terrible to others. Judge for yourself, if you can hunt down a copy of LIVE ACID and find the hidden improvised track."

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