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ANYONE - New Album Video Preview

The next album by ANYONE is in production now. The follow up to the critically acclaimed double concept album IN HUMANITY will be released in the Fall of 2023. The new album is also a double concept album of highly progressive music and is titled MIRACLES IN THE NOTHINGNESS.

In a recent interview Riz Story explained the concept of MIRACLES IN THE NOTHINGNESS;

"This album is a meditation on the miracle of existing. It is a contemplation of the surreal reality that we find ourselves in as we float through a borderless expanse on a dust grain which has somehow come to life. Like the prior two albums the setting is a world in full collapse. And so it is a bittersweet mixture of joy and bliss at the gift of existing intermixed with the tragedy of watching humanity destroy the planet and everything on it."

Like the previous 3 studio albums this new offering is a one man production with Riz Story performing all instrumentation and vocals as well as writing, producing, mixing and mastering. The album features an appearance by YES lead vocalist and ANYONE founding member Jon Davison on the track "SYMPTOM OF THE MIRACLE".

The album continues on the path defined by IN HUMANITY and is a work of ultra-progressive music featuring dazzling virtuosity and longer songs that can be described as musical journeys with no borders.



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