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The new ANYONE album, "Miracles In The Nothingness" continues to make waves in the progressive rock music world, topping the ROCKFILE RADIO Prog Chart with "Symptom Of The Miracle".

The song features a guest lead vocal from JON DAVISON of YES. Jon was a founding member of ANYONE along with TAYLOR HAWKINS (Foo Fighters) back in 1990.

The song is one of several longer compositions from the album (12:56) that continues the ultra-progressive direction set forth on the critically hailed "In Humanity" album (2021). Both albums were created entirely by RIZ STORY aside from Jon's guest vocal appearances.

RIZ STORY is being hailed by critics as the new benchmark in prog music as they unanimously marvel at his totally unprecedented virtuosity as a multi-instrumentalist as well as his mastery in composition, record production, mixing and mastering.


"Riz Story is a musical genius!"​

"Riz Story is a genius because as a guitarist, drummer, bassist, singer, composer, sound engineer and keyboard player he manages everything single-handedly that previously required entire bands."

"Sublime Music! Riz Story is accustomed to having his work receive accolades such as ‘a masterpiece’  and this album is guaranteed to receive the same level of recognition."

"The next highlight in ANYONE's history... will now be considered the new benchmark."

"The sixth album by 'the one and only' exceptional musician, described by many as a musical genius... The fact that this music is a one-man project is simply unbelievable."

"Visionary prog maverick Riz Story plays every instrument. Bristling with ambition, it feels less like an album than an experiential adventure that seeks to redefine modern prog."

PROG Magazine

"Massive, excessive, epic - Another masterpiece!

Riz Story is an excellent songwriter who has composed another colossus.

A huge work of art."

5 out of 5 Stars!

"Story's stunning mastery of all the instruments is on display.

A major work of immense scope, with ambition balanced by daunting potency"

"Riz Story is a virtuoso. Grandiloquent - Hypnotic - Beautiful - Olympian - Masterpiece.

A new rock genre"

"A blockbuster work full of original ideas... The future of progressive rock!"

"Riz Story plays everything, and he plays it well on this ambitious collection. A wide range of kaleidoscopic colors"

"'Miracles in the Nothingness' for the masterpiece.."

"Impassioned - Reaching - Empowered - Soaringly Ethereal - Transcending"​

"Beautifully composed and excellently produced. Riz Story's mastery of all kinds

of instruments is rock solid"



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