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The strange new band

ANYONE didn't fit into the prevailing music scene in Orange County California, 1998. Everything about us was unusual, from our sound to our presentation. No one knew what to make of us at first and we played to empty houses and bars in Newport Beach where Mick and Dom rescued me from homelessness and let me crash on the couch. When we finally got evicted from the Newport Beach house for not paying rent we decided to move to Huntington Beach were the music scene was thriving.

I landed a job at the hippest vintage clothing store in Downtown HB and right away I became the manager. Everybody in the scene came in and it wasn't long before I knew everyone. I decorated the place and ANYONE was blasting on the speakers. Soon, the place to hang out was the LEOPARD LOUNGE or the band pad at 511 California Street, which became known as THE ANYONE DEN. For the longest time there wasn't even a lock on the door. We took in many strays, some of them moving into closets or the couch, or the floor.

It was this scene that became the first ANYONE following. Gradually our shows became parties. The parties grew and grew until every time we played it was a full on event and the whole scene would turn out. Korn, Social Distortion, Foo Fighters, System of a Down were some of the bands that would turn out to listen.

But it all started at that little apartment that we turned into the inside of a genie's bottle.

RIz Story~

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