ANYONE have released much music in the new decade beginning with 'On the ending earth...' in 2020. Next came the progressive rock opus, 'In Humanity' in October of 2021, followed by 'The Sylvia Sessions' in June of 2022. Now we can look forward to a new album in 2023.

Riz Story is faced with the daunting task of following the highly lauded 'In Humanity' double concept album. Story has given us a glimpse into what he has in store in a series of recent interviews. He has indicated that the next album will be the most experimental, progressive and virtuosic material yet released by ANYONE.

Like the proceeding full-length albums, the new album is a concept album focusing on the lyrical themes which underly all ANYONE music. One of the songs in development clocks in at over 18 minutes and, like many of the compositions from the 'In Humanity' album, is based on free-style improvisations. The resulting large scale composition encompasses a wide range of sonic variations and further cements the bold and experimental spirit which has defined ANYONE in the new decade.

Titles in development include 'If Daylight Comes Again', 'Stay There and Wait for me' and 'Extinction Event'. The music varies widely in texture and style giving the new album a richness and depth that is further accentuated by an enormous sonic palette and pervasive virtuosity.

Stay tuned to this space for updates on the progress of the new album


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