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If there is a philosophy for the new album in progress, it is summed up in one word, MAXIMUM.

I'd been thinking about what a new ANYONE record might sound like for a while now. The early stuff was heavy and raw. I liked that. The new ECHOES AND TRACES album covers much musical territory. I like that.

As the music started to flow I realized that it was extremely heavy. But is was also extremely mellow and dreamy at times. A wide DYNAMIC range, from a whisper to a scream. I want to test the limits of dynamics now.

The new music is PROGRESSIVE. I have lost all interest in making the band commercially viable. This album will be an exploration into new musical territory and it will not be fit for radio. The idea will be to take the limits off the playing itself, to go beyond the "traditional" or "familiar"... to take the musicianship to the ultimate extreme.

I'd been drifting into a more impressionistic landscape via my film score work, which is entirely based on creating a precise mood and emotion. The new ANYONE album seems to have been infected with this tendency. The music is visual, almost CINEMATIC.

The most crucial element to me has always been the lyrics. This album has a strong theme running throughout it. It is a reflection on humanity and it's downfall.

RIz Story~

Oct 15th, 2016

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