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SESSIONS - Lost on the way

Sessions for the new ANYONE album are in full swing now. Drum sessions consist of 15 minute improvisations which are later edited down. The songs are being structured around these free-form drum improvs and it takes the music in an entirely different direction than composing a song and then adding a rhythm section to it. The results are a lot more progressive, more free-form... more maximum.

This album is more about unmitigated expression and not about radio singles. ANYONE have made some catchy numbers in the past - Songs like "Real", "Whole Worlds Insane", "Yesterdays Gone" and "Fly Away" have showcased the songish side of the band. Then there were the songs that projected where it was gong. Songs like "Wait Until Morning" and "Traces" hinted at the larger scale works to come.

The new album will be the realization of ANYONE in full expression mode with no thought whatsoever to the commercial viability of the material. Guitar solos will be more radical, with more space to explore. Drum beats will be more complex, more experimental.

Yesterdays session was focused around a new track entitled "It's Already Too Late". A driving odd meter sets the scene for an explosive hook which is driven by a stinging wall of guitars. A "first-take" improvised guitar solo opens the song, setting the mood with an avant garde lead guitar, which plays with a methodical abandon - playing by accident - No blueprint - No roadmap.

In fact, the maps have been discarded... left back in the comfortable foothills of sound. We're scaling the high peaks now, where the air is thin, there are no footprints, and disaster is looming at every moment.

Exactly where I want to be.

Riz Story~

Oct 2016

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