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On the ending earth...

I used to ponder why more people aren't more alarmed at the fate that is currently enveloping humanity. Most people don't realize that Wildlife populations on earth have already declined by 58 percent between 1970 and 2012. Unexplained mass animal die-off's now occur daily, often several, and in every region of the planet. The biological systems on our planet are in total collapse. Far more than half of the creatures that roamed the planet have died off in my brief lifetime.

Add to this the unending conflict in the geo political arena.

In fact, all the major systems on which we rely are in full, advanced collapse.

This is why the new ANYONE record will be entitled, "ON THE ENDING EARTH".

This phrase, which is taken from the ee cummings poem entitled "Stand with your lover on the ending earth" is a fitting title for an album which will be a meditation on the fate of humanity.

I spent a fair amount of years angrily blaming humanity for all of the destruction it has caused. But now I realize that no one is to blame. When the industrial revolution began 150 years ago no one had the faintest idea that all of the new comforts and wonders that had transformed humanity would bring about the collapse of life on earth. Cars in particular marked a major advancement in ease of travel, as did planes - Suddenly uninhabitable regions of desert were populated and kept alive with air conditioning and imported food. Simultaneously, major advancements in science and medicine extended life spans. On a biological level humanity was thriving and the population exploded and continues to explode exponentially.

No one could foresee then, the burden that the growing numbers would place on the planets bio systems. And even once the scientist rang the alarm it was impossible to turn such a large ship in time to miss the iceberg. At this point even if the captain were screaming "ALL ENGINES ASTERN FULL!!!!" The ships massive momentum is absolutely unstoppable. And not surprisingly the leaders are still debating whether or not we're even heading for an iceberg, much less taking action.

So - While I admire any and all efforts to reverse the course of humanity, those in the know realize that there is no chance whatsoever of recovery.

It’s a peculiar situation to be born into a species in collapse. Like the herd of sheep that have taken a disastrous turn off the cliff, the animals aren't even aware they are running toward certain death, of the entire herd.

So while activist point angry fingers and place blame, they leave their protests in polluting cars and planes and drink water out of plastic bottles - no effort on their part can separate them from the cause of the biological collapse,

So what to do? Everybody reacts differently. Most will fail to react entirely. They will march off the cliff, caught in the momentum of the herd.

This album is a contemplation of this peculiar moment in time. It is a dirge as much as it is a celebration. It is filled with anger, but it is also filled with surrender and acceptance. It is an assault on false human arrogance, but it is also a comfort and intoxicant for the people to use, like a shot of whiskey at the end of the day.

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