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The Fatal Flaw of Virus Brains

It's difficult to focus on petty pursuits like music, film and art when the news reports are telling of a world teetering on the brink of a nuclear exchange. I'm not surprised. Never-the-less, work continues on the new ANYONE album, 'On the Ending Earth…"

My fear is that the populace of my home country have been lulled into a state of false comforts, somehow deluded into believing that they are immune to the sort of atrocities that characterized World War 2. Those who are older, or have lived through WW2, or who know their history, can not miss the stench of tyranny in the air, the racial unrest, and the coming atrocities.


Atrocities are not new in our times, rather they are the norm - i.e.. The US murders 1 MILLION in an unprovoked attack on Iraq, (also losing 4,424 americans) only to announce that there was no reason whatsoever for the mass murdering.

No apology was issued.

No shame was expressed, nor felt.

And for the first time since the cold war there are headlines of world leaders threatening nuclear exchanges.

Astoundingly enough, the specter of a nuclear showdown is the small picture, an atrocity which may be avoided. The bigger picture that has emerged from the scientific inquiries aimed at our habitat are characterized by a massive momentum continuing the ongoing extinction event.

The death of the biosphere can not be avoided.

The loss of habitat and the rapidly exploding SIXTH GREAT EXTINCTION EVENT will be the end of civilization as we know it. There is no changing that now according to those climate scientist who take all of the data into account. There is no way to reverse the more than 40 'Positive Feedback Loops' which are worsening exponentially. And just as 84% of humanity deny their own deaths by clinging to archaic religions and spirituality (despite not a single article of evidence), so humanity approaches it's end with an astonishing level of denial.

The reasonable person will immediately discard the views of a simpleton or charlatan, like trump, in favor of the scientific consensus, which was established decades ago. But even those who are aware of the climate chaos mankind has triggered are largely unaware of the immediacy or true apocalyptic nature of what is coming.

I see Friends having children - This tells me much.

No one would willingly welcome their most beloved onto a sinking, doomed ship.

Unless you didn't know it was truly sinking.

Or perhaps they are planning to utilize the life preserver of religion. That would account for 84% of the planets inhabitants.

I often wonder what percentage of the population have come to terms with the basic picture that science reveals in the modern age:

We are floating on a dust grain, though a borderless expanse, for no apparent reason.

and to further add to the surreal nature of existence as a member of humanity one must come to understand that Homo sapien, the species to which we all belong, is without doubt the most vicious of species, who's viral outbreak upon the planet has lead to the MASS EXTINCTION EVENT currently underway.

One has to laugh. This is excellent material for the darker comedians that have emerged from the 'Collapse Culture', like Bill Hicks or George Carlin.

One has to laugh.

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