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NEW SONG - Only Imagine

There are many ANYONE songs that have never been released for one reason or another. Some date back to the early days when Taylor Hawkins and Jon Davison were in the band, and others are new or recent. This song dates back to 2000 when the band had just been signed to RoadRunner Records.

ANYONE went into the recording studio to demo songs in hopes of arriving at a final set of songs to appear on the debut album. RoadRunner focused largely on the heavier music that the band were creating and veered away from the prominent ethereal sound that the band had developed. This side of the band was not represented as well as the band would have liked and several of the groups most potent songs were excluded.

Now for the first time one of those songs is available, 'ONLY IMAGINE'.

The song originally featured Static on bass and Dave (Nipples) Murray on drums, along with Riz Story on vocals and guitar. This updated version features Riz on drums and has been completely updated, remixed and remastered.

ONLY IMAGINE showcases the deeply psychedelic side of the band and gives some insight as to why the band's sound was dubbed 'MAXIMUM ACID'.

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