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YES SINGER JON DAVISON guest musician on new ANYONE album

The lead singer of Rock n' Roll Hall of famers, YES makes an appearance on the new ANYONE album.

The once member of ANYONE plays the fretless bass on 'Thought I Was'. Davison was a founding member of the band back in the mid 90's along with Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters). The three friends began playing together after a chance encounter between Taylor Hawkins and Riz Story. Taylor had known Davison since kindergarten and soon the trio began shaping the sound that would become known as MAXIMUM ACID.

Davison rejoined the band in the mid 2000's for a brief stint. It was during this time that he recorded his fretless bass tracks for 'Thought I Was'.

The YES singer has recently collaborated with Riz Story on 2 tracks from his upcoming solo record 'In Humanity, this time contributing lead vocals.

Jon Davison of YES - ANYONE

Jon Davison of YES, onstage with ANYONE - Hollywood, California.

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