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NEW SINGLE - Chasing Dragons to the Sea

A new song has been released today entitled 'Chasing Dragons to the Sea'.

This is an older song I wrote and sang back in the mid 90's during a time when I was still a wondering homeless poet on the Newport Beach Peninsula. Sometimes I'd crash at my girlfriends house or at a friends house, but most nights I slept under the pier where I'd write songs and poems. This song was written there on a grey misty dusk, a bottle of vodka and a couple of joints to keep me settled as the night arrived.

ANYONE recorded the song when we recorded the lost album 'Sip The Pleasure of Days' at Jame's Trace's studio, but of course that album never was released and instead we signed to RoadRunner and recorded the self-titled debut with plans to release the Sip album (a double album) as our follow up.

'Sip The Pleasure of Days' was a concept album, a story of sorts. 'Chasing Dragons' is a song of escape, of surrender... of someone leaving the world and entering an alternate reality. Like so many of my songs, 'Chasing Dragons to the Sea' is a valediction.

Riz Story~

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