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The follow-up to last year's critically acclaimed release 'On the ending earth...' is very nearly complete.

The new album is entitled 'In Humanity,' and according to Riz Story, it marks an aggressive continuation into the more progressive approach that was explored on the last album.

In a recent interview Riz talked about the new album's direction:

"This next album is pure musical exploration and full expression. It's complex, tonally colorful and not meant for the casual listener. I don't care if a single person gets it (laughter), if it ever see's the light of day, what the critics think or what it does commercially."

Riz also commented on the theme of the album.

"The album is actually the soundtrack music for my film and novel "In Humanity" which I hope to produce in the near future. The film is an epic apocalyptic story which explores the collapse of planet earth and humanity's escape to a new world. People don't realize that our fragile planet is in full collapse, and that we are in the midst of 'the sixth great extinction event.' This music is a reflection of this time, this place, this disgrace, as we witness humanity destroy itself and the planet in a fit of hatred and indifference. This music is my reaction to the disappearing everything."

IN HUMANITY will drop before the end of 2021. The album continues the trend of Riz Story writing, arranging, producing, mixing, mastering and performing all instrumentation, along with a few guest musicians. .

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